Favorites of Tony’s 2008

These are my favorites of my 2008. I say my 2008 because some of these didn’t come out in 2008 but I discovered them in 2008. Meaning, these are my favorite songs that I discovered this year. Others may have all ready heard them and forgotten them, but I just unearthed them this year.

Machine Gun • Portishead
Modern Guilt • Beck
Bright Red Helmet • Styrofoam
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur • Sigur Rós
In a Cave • Tokyo Police Club
Write On • Sleeping In The Aviary
The Captive Mind • The Helio Sequence
35 Ghosts IV • Nine Inch Nails
Blue Tulip • Okkervil River
We Got The Power (Love Letter From America) • The Born Again Floozies
Wild International • One Day As A Lion
Crawl • Kings of Leon
Everything Is Exactly What It Seems • Slow Runner
Song in C • All India Radio
Evil Urges • My Morning Jacket
The Thoughts That Give Me the Creeps • Hellogoodbye


One response to “Favorites of Tony’s 2008

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