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New year savings

We use coupons. Katie actually gets excited on Saturdays when the coupons arrive. We LOVE using coupons. We don’t use coupons for things we don’t need; just because something is $1 off doesn’t mean we’re going to buy it to act like we saved a $1 when we actually spent $3.99.

I kept track of all the money we saved using coupons for things we were going to buy anyway (deodorant, TP, medicine, canned veggies, etc.). I will be doing this again this year, but I will be doing one extra step. What we save will be moved over into savings. So if we save $4.50 in coupons, then I will move $4.50 over to savings. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but after a year it really adds up.

Here’s the breakdown from 2007:

January: $17.70
February: $11.64
March: $12.45
April: $9.40
May: $8.35
June: $11.64
July: $7.15
August: $12.25
September: $16.65
October: $17.58
November: $12.10
December: $12.75
Grand Total: $149.66

You see, after a year it adds up to a decent amount. Enough to pay for the tags on my car (plus the inspection and emissions tests). Enough help pay half of my personal property taxes. That’s a BIG help.

Try it this year.


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