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Songs to sing your ass off to

Sing it and tell me you don’t feel happy. At the top of your lungs, as loud as Thom.

Sing it. Do it! In an empty house, with no one around, and sing this song as LOUD AS YOU CAN!

And yes, I know it’s a sad song, but the way Thom puts so much emotion into it, it lifts you higher. Above the melancholy.

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Pearl Jam’s “Smile”
Okkervil River’s “Lady Liberty”


Benedictine College

Benedictine College

Originally uploaded by Thiophene_Guy.

A great view of a part of my college’s campus.

The Kindle

Can someone explain to me why a majority of the Internet Nerds think that the Kindle is the second coming of print.

Why, whenever a new e-reader comes out, does everyone announce, once again, that print is dead?

Maybe I’m just too attached to my books. Most bibliophiles display their books like works of art. In fact, if a book is designed well, if the cover is attractive, then a book is a work of art (see Chip Kidd). The small notes left by the reader; the underlining, the notation, the editorializing, they all add value, be it sentimentally, to the book. You can’t do that to an ebook. Not that you wouldn’t want to, you could add hyperlinks, add a comment section like a blog, but with the DRM on the Kindle, the publishers would rather throw you in jail than give you the chance to voice your opinion on the book.

Plus, once you let me know that you can SHARE an ebook, which the Kindle won’t let you do unless you give your Kindle to someone else, thus rendering you bookless, then maybe I’ll change my opinion.

Until then I’ll continue to let my friends borrow one of my books without thinking twice about antiquated and information stifling ebook DRM.

The future is print. The future is paper. Quit trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Pedigree commercial

I don’t feed my dog Pedigree, but he looks just like this dachshund. I have a soft spot for dogs, especially dachshunds. SO CUTE!

My new hobby.

I had fun with this tonight.

Take a random Twitterer (I think that’s a word) and take one of their tweets. Click on someone they are following and combine the first tweet with one of their tweets. Then click on a person the second person is following and take one of their tweets. Make all those into a sentence. It’s all very Dada.

Here’s one I came up with: I was sitting outside drinking a Bigfoot while contemplating throwing a necklace of hamburger around my noisy neighbor’s neck.

Here’s my twitter page if you need to get started.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Los Angeles Times – Marlboro Marine

Half a squirrel

Is somebody trying to tell me something? Send me a message?

I found half a squirrel, the back half, in my front yard today.

I think it’s a message from the squirrel mafia.

“Give us all your nuts or you’re next.”