Ryan Adams Saint Louis Show 10/5/2007

This was my first Ryan Adams show. The sound was great. He played a solid 2 hour set. Was a bit goofy at points (spouting nonsense into the mic, maybe he needs a drink).

That man can shred a guitar though. If you can find a live version of I See Monsters (especially the one from last night’s show, here’s one from 2006) I recommend you download it. The ending was FANTASTIC. Pumping sound right through me. His voice was great, though the instruments overpowered his voice a little.

He did come on late. Tickets said show starts at 8, he came on a 8:40, so I know next time to not go so early. Made a little Cardinals joke (saying before going to a break that he’d play some songs for Cardinals’ fans, the crowd applauds, and he says “no, not those Cardinals, us Cardinals.”)

It was also my first time at The Pageant. I don’t have many previous concerts to draw on, but I must say this is a decent place to see a show. The beer was a little pricey, but that’s all right.


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