Why FireFox is Blocked

Why FireFox is Blocked
This is a vocal minority forming around blocking anyone who uses the Firefox browser from visiting sites that put this little bit of code into their HTML (or CSS or whatever).

These site owners think that the Ad Block extension is theft, and I quote:

Software that blocks all advertisement is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers.

Theft? Really? Since I’m not looking at your Google AdSense I’m stealing your content? I’m allowing you to put this content on my machine, it’s being downloaded onto my harddrive space. Since when did ignoring advertising become a vehicle for theft? If you don’t want your content to be free, then charge for it. If it’s good enough, people will buy.

Don’t call me a thief for using the browser of my choice.

If you are offended by the Mozilla Corporation’s endorsement of dishonesty please contact the Mozilla Foundation and ask them to stop empowering internet theft.

Empowering Internet theft? I think this whole notion of user-generated content being the next gold rush is about to hit the cliff. Your blog, with its $5 a month AdSense revenue, does not equate to a career, as such I don’t feel like I’m stealing anything by turning off both AdSense and those annoying animated gif ads. They slow down my browser, and when the ads fail, it sends my browser into beach ball hell

Like free television broadcast content supported financially by advertising, much of the content on the Internet today is distributed free to end-users for an indirect exchange of advertisement revenue. When a user loads an ad-driven copyrighted website, he produces a copy of the work due to the inherent architecture of the Internet. If this user is using Adblock to screen out annoying advertisements, he is creating an unauthorized derivative work analogous to skipping television commercials. By the letter of copyright law, this practice would most likely be seen as an infringing use.

So, what’s TIVO then? I skip commercials when I use TIVO. Is that now illegal? Even if it’s free, over the air, television I can still record it and fast-forward.

I guess if I ever come upon a site that blocks me because of the browser I use, I’ll just have to get my repurposed, over-blogged news from one of the other quadruple billion sites out there (hyperbole intended.)

What if I turn off JavaScript in my browser? Am I somehow affecting or altering the website in a way that is illegal, since I am altering the copied product on my machine?

Give me a break.

Oh, and if this is about deep linking, I’m sure we’ve all seen goatse or tubgirl, just change the link to one of those photos. FYI, DO NOT GOOGLE THOSE TERMS.


One response to “Why FireFox is Blocked

  1. You hit it right on the head! I understand where they’re coming from, but you can’t impose a new internet structure like this at this point in time (don’t know that you ever could). There’s just too many ways around everything when it comes to computrs and wb2.0. They need to be more creative in attracting revenue.

    Oh, and your “DO NOT GOOGLE THOSE TERMS” had the instant effect of making me want to google those terms, even though I know what I’ll get. Aren’t humans just the strangest beings?

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