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My childhood

The previous posts are about my childhood home, Coffeyville, KS.

I thought I’d share a few photos and stories about my time there.

Many thanks to those who took this photographs.


coolest corner in coffeyville

coolest corner in coffeyville

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There use to be a pawn shop in that building (the entrance was the door in the lower left hand corner).

My friends and I would hang out there every Saturday morning and trade baseball cards with the two card dealers inside (I forget the one’s name, but the other was named Fish).

Riding my bike downtown was awesome. Finally being old enough to ride from my house to downtown (which was about 2 miles) was such a great taste of freedom.

Lots of lawn mowing money was spent here.

Bones Steakhouse

Bones Steakhouse

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This is in South Coffeyville (which is, funny enough, South of Coffeyville, KS in Oklahoma).

We use to go here after church on Saturday night. They had a great catfish.

Condon Bank

Condon Bank

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One of two banks the Dalton Boys tried to rob at once.

This is the main backdrop during Dalton Days in October. All the kids loved the reenactment with live blanks. Collecting the empty shells after a reenactment was cool when I was little.

9th Street Barber Shop

9th Street Barber Shop

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This is where I got my haircut from 2nd grade (1986) until my senior year of college (2001).

This is Americana. Two barbers. Straight-razor HOT LATHER shaves. The leather belt attached to the chairs to sharpen the razor. Old men. Sports Illustrated. Moose antlers and a Great Northern Pike mounted on the wall.

My dad still gets his haircut here.

Get there early on Saturday, or you’ll have to wait.

Embattled Attorney General Resigns – New York Times

Embattled Attorney General Resigns – New York Times

As he resigned, Gonzales was overheard saying “I don’t recall making this decision.”

I personally believeā€¦

my new phrase is: “everywhere like such as”