I intended on writing about Foxmarks when I first discovered it a couple of months ago, so I’m finally getting to it.

Foxmarks is a way to upload your Firefox bookmarks on a remote server so when you goto another computer and use Firefox (of course both will have to have Foxmarks installed and your username and password will have to be added) you can synchronize your bookmarks onto that machine and surf like normal.

This is a great service and better yet it’s free. I was thinking about getting a .Mac account, but after finding this service, realized that I only needed .Mac to synchronize my bookmarks. Now I can do it for free.

Also, if you are on a computer that doesn’t have Firefox (or maybe you don’t feel comfortable with the computer having all your bookmarks on it), then you can surf to, login, and you’ll have all your bookmarks available to you. (The one fault I found is that it doesn’t work well with Camino).

Foxmarks updates your bookmarks whenever you make a change. Then only downside I’ve noticed is some slowdown when Foxmarks is synchronizing your bookmarks after a change when you start Firefox (but only when Firefox wasn’t open to begin with).


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