The US educational system has finally jumped the shark

Diplomas Denied Over Graduation Cheers – New York Times

At my sister’s high school graduation, my dad and I brought air horns. Her friends got a little toot, my sister got a HUGE BLAST, and since our last name starts with a U, the last 5 or six people also got a nice blast to use the rest of the air.

True, there was a little speech at the beginning about last year’s supposed “debacle” and how we, and the students, should treat this day with respect and order. This was her last day in a public institution, she worked for this piece of paper, and the administration wants everyone to calmly sit and golf clap? Nah, don’t think so.


One response to “The US educational system has finally jumped the shark

  1. Sorry T, gotta take you to task on this one.

    At my nephew’s graduation last week, someone right behind me shot off an airhorn–I nearly jumped out of my skin and felt like slugging them. Where does that guy’s right to celebrate someone else’s hard work (not their hard work, mind you, someone else’s) leave off and my right to stay in my skin and watch the precedings in peace begin?

    How about this, everyone brings an air horn. So there is constant tooting. Of course, my kid deserves a louder and longer toot than anyone else (us mericans are competive people). By the time we’re finished, it’s just one long loud toot to celebrate someone else, no one can hear for an hour and a couple of fist fights have broken out because an air horn was too close to someone’s (workman’s) ear.

    Seems like everyone else following the rules made your violation seem not so bad.

    Let’s save it for pro sports where we pay good money to get in.
    Or do they not allow air horns at Cards games?

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