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YouTube – MISHEARD LYRICS – Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter


YouTube – Sia – Breathe Me

I know this video came out a while ago, but I love it. Maybe it’s my love for Polaroids.

The emos will kill you…………with terrible poetry

Utah ABC station discovers Emo.

What’s really funny about this clip (besides the humor you get when 30-50 year olds try to explain youth (sub)culture) is that some of the videos and “am I emo” type quiz they reference are satire.

I have a tip for TV news stations: Don’t try to explain something by getting your information from the Internets. The Internets are 90% satire, 5% snarky and 5% porn. You just end up looking old, out of touch and an advertiser-fellating fear monger.

Oh, and Utah, this just in, there were musical groups in the 80’s that wore dark clothing, mascara, and wrote depressing lyrics.

This is Tony Unruhs International Flava Homepage

This is Tony Unruhs International Flava Homepage

No, this shouldn’t be here anymore. I’m so embarrassed. But, I thought I’d share it with you. Something from my childhood (well, I guess I was 18, so early adulthood).

This really sucks.

YouTube – Robert Greenwald vs. Jack Kingston

YouTube – Robert Greenwald vs. Jack Kingston


This just in

Blasting Radiohead’s Let Down (and singing along, LOUDLY) is the BEST way to spend a few minutes on a Saturday Morning (especially at the last few minutes when Thom really gets going).


I have a lot of moleskines.

Call me pretentious. Call me a hipster (dear god don’t call me that). Fuck, call me a follower, but there is just something about them. It’s not the “supposed” connection to da Vinci or anyone else famous. It’s the texture, the feel of the paper. They’re the perfect size.

I buy them and I buy them. Even though I have plenty at home, unused, I still buy more.

My wife leaves me little notes (usually somewhere in the middle). Small things that make my day when I find them. Sometimes it takes me a while to find them, but when I do it never fails to touch me.