Email into your soul

Your email inbox reveals a lot about you. I think it is the new diary, the new window into who you are. Take a look at what is sitting in your inbox right now. Emails from parents, friends, collegues, lost loves, lovers, lost schoolmates, roommates, secret affairs, things you’ve bought, sold, want.

All those emails contain a story that tells a little something about you. Your interests, your current state of life, how much you owe.

If you use your inbox as I do, as an organization tool, then it will reveal more about you than you think (maybe more than your garbage can reveals about you, i.e. A.J. Weberman).

Here’s what my email inbox would tell you about me today, Tuesday April 10, 2007 at 9:17 a.m.

• I’m interested in GTD.
• Shawn Manos is a friend of mine.
• I use Facebook.
• I read Metafilter.
• I made a CD for Kelly, who works in Omaha.
• I like John Vanderslice.
• I use Flickr.
• I post on this blog.
• I went to Benedictine College.
• I have too much crap.
• I want to reorganize/reduce crap.

And this is all that is just in the inbox. If you would search ALL my mail (I use gmail so it’s all in one big lump) you could pretty much know me inside and out. You might know a little bit about me that I don’t want ANYONE to know, or that only the people closest to me know.

What does your inbox say about you?


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