Is the iMac dead?

I know the internal hard drive is, and since Apple made it harder to get to than the center of the Earth, then I will now boot up from an external drive.

Though, I still don’t know why the CD burner won’t work (the eject key won’t eject the tray and any inserted CD will not show up on the desktop). Any information on that would be appreciated.

Thank god for backups, firewire target disk startup, carbon copy cloner and having another computer in the house.

Just bought a new 320 gigabyte drive (I now have just over half a terabyte of storage in my house, 600 gigabytes) so I will be booting from it and shoving the old 160 gigabyte drive in the closet for backup.

Time to start saving for a new Mac.


One response to “Is the iMac dead?

  1. That totally sucks dude. You should consider taking it up to the mac store at the West County Mall.. I have a buddy who works up there, I’m sure one of the guys would take a look at it, hopefully without charging but I totally don’t know what the procedure is on that…sorry to hear though, i’d be crushed if my mac died. 😦

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