Another Tip O’ the Day

Everything is fixed. I just duplicated the ethernet port and everything is all right. Thank god!

When it is Friday at 4:25, and you have a little time to kill before you go home, do NOT run server maintenance to kill the extra time. Because, if you are like me, you will restart the server (an Apple dual 1Ghz G4 XServe) and all you’ll see is a flashing question mark and folder icon (meaning the server cannot find the system software on the drive). And, after you rebuild the mirror RAID it still won’t be able to find the system software. Then you’ll have to go in on Saturday and spend four hours recreating the network from the ground up (and I’ve never done that before).

I’ve got the network recreated by I can’t seem to figure out how to have access to the LAN and the Internet at the same time. I can only access either the LAN or the Internet, but not both. If I access the Internet I’m disconnected from the LAN and if I’m on the LAN I’m disconnected from the Internet. Frustrating!

One response to “Another Tip O’ the Day

  1. Yeah, none of what you wrote made any sense to me but i’m glad you got it fixed! 🙂

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