Tip of the day

If you have 3 years worth of digital photos, and you think you have them backed up twice, make sure you REALLY have them backed up twice.

I thought I did, so I lost three years worth of digital photos sometime last week (or maybe two weeks ago).


3 responses to “Tip of the day

  1. Ugh, that sucks! I have the cd of memphis and baseball pictures you gave us if you want ’em.

    We have back ups in the safe deposit box just in case but thanks for the tip!

  2. Sorry Tony, that really does bite. I’ve always been paranoid about backups, so I have them on CDs, DVDs, and I have been using external harddrives to Bu everything–big drives and then little 2.5 drives that I haul around.

    Were we backing stuff up to cds before you left BC? If so, that stuff is still in the mc department (I know you said in your message the last three years, just thought I’d mention it.)

  3. not cool, I feel your pain.

    I THOUGHT i had my stuff backed up on a firewire drive (notice the all-caps emphasis on the word “thought”).

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