$500 worth of books for $45

I have wrote about Bookmooch before. I’ve been a member since August 2006.

To date I have received 26 books and given away 19 (16 of the books I gave away were mine, and three were books that I received from bookmooch members, read, and gave away to other bookmooch members).

As you can see by the title this site is a bibliophile’s dream. All of the books I received were in good condition. Some looked like they had never been read (almost straight off the bookstore shelf), some looked to be read once and others were read, reread and highlighted. Nothing took away from their readability and they all look nice on my bookshelf.

True, this site isn’t doing anything that a used bookstore hasn’t all ready been doing for years. But, the search function is wonderful. The ability to get books from all over the world is great. You can donate your points to charities so they may get books. And, no matter what the size, the age, the condition or the subject; all books cost the same. 1 point if the book is in your country, or 2 points if it is coming from another country.

Check out my selection or search for a tome you’d like to read.


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