Monthly Archives: February 2007

Another Tip O’ the Day

Everything is fixed. I just duplicated the ethernet port and everything is all right. Thank god!

When it is Friday at 4:25, and you have a little time to kill before you go home, do NOT run server maintenance to kill the extra time. Because, if you are like me, you will restart the server (an Apple dual 1Ghz G4 XServe) and all you’ll see is a flashing question mark and folder icon (meaning the server cannot find the system software on the drive). And, after you rebuild the mirror RAID it still won’t be able to find the system software. Then you’ll have to go in on Saturday and spend four hours recreating the network from the ground up (and I’ve never done that before).

I’ve got the network recreated by I can’t seem to figure out how to have access to the LAN and the Internet at the same time. I can only access either the LAN or the Internet, but not both. If I access the Internet I’m disconnected from the LAN and if I’m on the LAN I’m disconnected from the Internet. Frustrating!


Tip of the day

If you have 3 years worth of digital photos, and you think you have them backed up twice, make sure you REALLY have them backed up twice.

I thought I did, so I lost three years worth of digital photos sometime last week (or maybe two weeks ago).

Unfunny 1/2 hour news hour

I’m sorry to put you through this. It’s painful, but only about 2 minutes long. When you try to copy the Daily Show, but with a conservative spin and a really BAD laugh track, no good can come from it.

Introducing Fox News Channel’s answer (actually an educated guess) to the Daily Show.

Pretentious 60’s art film

Ya, that’s my dog.

$500 worth of books for $45

I have wrote about Bookmooch before. I’ve been a member since August 2006.

To date I have received 26 books and given away 19 (16 of the books I gave away were mine, and three were books that I received from bookmooch members, read, and gave away to other bookmooch members).

As you can see by the title this site is a bibliophile’s dream. All of the books I received were in good condition. Some looked like they had never been read (almost straight off the bookstore shelf), some looked to be read once and others were read, reread and highlighted. Nothing took away from their readability and they all look nice on my bookshelf.

True, this site isn’t doing anything that a used bookstore hasn’t all ready been doing for years. But, the search function is wonderful. The ability to get books from all over the world is great. You can donate your points to charities so they may get books. And, no matter what the size, the age, the condition or the subject; all books cost the same. 1 point if the book is in your country, or 2 points if it is coming from another country.

Check out my selection or search for a tome you’d like to read.

free and open access

Feel the love, open your connection.

Get a free Fon router until March 31, 2007.

I ordered mine.