iPhone, iTunes and iPhone ringtones

Remember the iPhone ringtone that Steve Jobs used during the keynote? It sounded like a xylophone to me.

Here it is if you want it on your phone (MP3 link). I put it on mine and now I’m the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

Also, if you are able to put your own ringtones on your phone, here is an easy way to make them in iTunes.

1. Click on a song or sound that you want to use.
2. Right click on the song and goto “Get Info.”
3. Adjust the start and stop time to get the part of the song that you want.
4. Right click on the song again and “Convert to MP3.”
5. Transfer the new MP3 to your cell phone.
6. Viola, you’re done.

Of course, if you want to use a song you bought on the iTunes Music Store you will have to convert the song itself to an MP3 by burning it to a CD and then reripping the song.


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