The Road

I just finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

I must recommend this book to everyone. I usually do not like books that contain a great deal of environment description, but McCarthy’s use of simple, yet descriptive words helps to move you along and still paint a vivid picture of a post-apocalyptic America.

The two main characters of the story are a man and a boy. They don’t have names, since names really don’t matter in a world like theirs. Their world is that of America many years after a great nuclear winter. There is few people around, and those that are are haggard, weathered, and will kill you just to eat.

The man and the boy are on the move toward the coast. They have a cart full of their belongings (blankets, a small ration of food, water and fuel). They come across bad people and few good people. If the people aren’t bad they are just two steps from the grave.

The desolation, the constant wonder if they will find someone or something, the thoughts and pictures I had in my head of a world with nothing in it but the weathering, decaying shell of a former society, makes this one of the most frightening books I’ve read in a long time.

Pick it up, I finished it in 4 nights.


One response to “The Road

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to pick that one up and read it as soon as I finish Gulliver’s Travels.

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