One of my favorite things

I’ve wanted to write about this for a while, but it slips in and out of my mind since it only happens two times a year.

I love to drive around in the late evening and into the night on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here’s why; it’s because of the lack of people on the streets; the warm glow coming from the full houses; the general stillness in the air.

I have a love for the dwellings of others. How their houses are laid out; how they position their furniture, arrange their knickknacks, stack their books and orient their living spaces. And, with the gatherings that happen on Thanksgiving and Christmas there is always ample light coming from most of the houses.

Now, I’m not saying that I stop and peer through open windows like a peeping tom, no, I slow down, do the speed limit, keep it under 20 in residential neighborhoods and just take in the sight, the atmosphere of a nice family gathering.

The air is crisper on Thanksgiving and Christmas evening. True, these days are no different than any others on our Roman calendar (we just gave them this designation) but the mood is different.

And there is just something comforting about a single lit lamp in the front window of a 60+ year old house as it hosts another in a long line of holiday celebrations.

A house with character; thats what I like. A house that has some blemishes, but has a story to tell. Some nicks and dings but a knowledge of many families before mine.

Tree-lined neighborhoods have their charm. I’d surely give up hundreds of square feet of living space for a smaller house in an established neighborhood with real charm and character.


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