High school student almost loses leg, game still goes on

Boy hurt by cannon blast feels twice wounded: Accident in football town elicited threats, not get-well wishes.

Ah, how sad. It’s just high school football. And I thought things like this only happened in the movies. I guess art imitates life.

Callers and visitors told Karch they would “make sure his other leg got blown off,” and that “there would be retaliation” if the family cooperated in an investigation that could end the cannon tradition, said Mary Bissel, Karch’s mother. “That’s when I kind of got a little upset,” Karch said.

That’s when she got “a little upset?” Are you kidding me? Your son almost lost his leg, will have to endure a year’s worth of rehabilitation, and you are just a “little upset?”

It’s amazing the pull one sport can have on a town.

Let it go people. It’s high school football. The only people who care are the ones everyone laughs at 25 years later when they’re still reliving their football glory-days.


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