“How could you sell your ticket?”

Rams running back Steven Jackson is miffed with fans selling tickets to last Monday Night’s football game versus the Bears.

Well, Steven, let me tell ya why PSL ticket holders sold their tickets:
• The offensive line sucks. Mark Bulger is rushed/sacked way too often.

• Special teams BLOW. The Bears ran the ball back TWICE, once for 99 yards and again for 97 yards. That’s 196 yards given up right there!

• The Rams defense cannot stop the run. Six games in a row the defense has given up more than 100 yards to a single running back on the opposing team.

• The Rams have a losing record and they were going against a 10-2 team. If I could sell my PSL for a little money I would.

I’m a die-hard Cards fan but I still sold some of my tickets for last season and they won the World Series.

Get over it Steven.


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