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The banana at night is big and bright

deep in the heart of Texas.


I just discovered that Back to the Future is the cornerstone of product-placement in movies.

I guess I just never paid attention before today. Oh, and the movie also reminded me of Pepsi Free.

2006 Xmas card

2006 Xmas card

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Merry Christmas from the Unruhs.

High school student almost loses leg, game still goes on

Boy hurt by cannon blast feels twice wounded: Accident in football town elicited threats, not get-well wishes.

Ah, how sad. It’s just high school football. And I thought things like this only happened in the movies. I guess art imitates life.

Callers and visitors told Karch they would “make sure his other leg got blown off,” and that “there would be retaliation” if the family cooperated in an investigation that could end the cannon tradition, said Mary Bissel, Karch’s mother. “That’s when I kind of got a little upset,” Karch said.

That’s when she got “a little upset?” Are you kidding me? Your son almost lost his leg, will have to endure a year’s worth of rehabilitation, and you are just a “little upset?”

It’s amazing the pull one sport can have on a town.

Let it go people. It’s high school football. The only people who care are the ones everyone laughs at 25 years later when they’re still reliving their football glory-days.

This bookcase is a ladder!

This bookcase is a ladder!

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This is a brilliant idea and i want to try it at home.

Of course, I’m going to have to find an old wooden ladder, my green fiberglass one in the garage might look a little odd on the wall.

I’m the person of the year?

Time Magazine chose their “person of the year” and this year it was You.

They chose the social-networking phenomenon. The YouTubes, the MySpaces, the Diggs, the Facebooks.

This is weak. The person of the year is supposed to be something that made lots of headlines, made the most noise, might not be the nicest or the most moral person, but they meant the most during the year.

I could walk down the street and over 50% of the people I talk to, who don’t spend over 4 hours a day online like I do, wouldn’t know what Digg is, or what YouTube is or what Facebook is about.

True, they might not know the leader of Iran’s name or the Secretary of Defense, but those are the real issues, the real people facing our nation. Not if the SNL video on YouTube was a violation of copyright or if JuicyBooty15 took you off her top 8 friends list on MySpace.

Plus, Time can’t even get their facts straight on some of the people they profile to represent the You.

Simon Pulsifer is Wikipedia’s “busiest contributor.” This 25-year-old Ottawa brainiac wrote about 3,000 entries to the online encyclopedia under his own name and edited nearly 80,000 others.

Edited nearly 80,000 others. Keep that in mind.

Pulsifer has authored somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 Wikipedia articles and edited roughly 92,000 others.

So what is it Time Magazine? Nearly 80,000 or roughly 92,000? I think the writer of this story (Lev Grossman) needs to explain the difference between not reaching 80,000 (nearly meaning almost but not quite) and roughly 92,000.

The old media REALLY sounds clueless when they try to talk about the Internet.

Is this real?

Mystery box for sell on eBay.

Ok, so the above eBay link is dead. Here’s another one.