So, something interesting happened on the way to the first tee.

I found a cell phone on the golf course on Monday. Nothing exciting. I picked it up and figured I’d keep it until we were finished with our round. There was a twosome in front of us (around hole three) so I thought it might be one of theirs. There was a name on the phone. A girl’s name.

I put the phone in my back pocket and took my first shot.

We caught up with the twosome. But, they were both men, so I figured the phone wasn’t theirs.

We continued to play and around hole six we had caught up with the twosome and were waiting on them. I decided to get the phone out and play around. It was a nice PCS Sprint camera phone. If it’s a camera phone it must have photos on it. Yes, there was photos on it.

There was photos of a dog. Some photos of a couple of kids in their halloween costumes. But, there was also photos of this girl’s breasts. And her vagina. And her licking aformentioned breasts. And…well, you get the picture (ha, picture).

So, we had a good laugh at all this. Wondering if the girl was wondering if someone found her phone. Also wondering if she was wondering if whomever found her phone also found her photos.

We’re on the ninth fairway and I see a girl looking around the tee box and fairway for hole #1. This was, as she is now known, camera phone girl.

She came up to us and asked if we found a phone. I said yes, I have it right here and that I was holding onto it to give to the clubhouse before we left (which I was intending to do). She asked where I found it and I told her; all the while keeping a straight face. As she walked away I could see her open the phone and start to look through it. I’m wondering if she is thinking “great, two guys find my phone. Why’d it have to be two guys.”

Here’s a lesson: Don’t take photos of yourself naked and store the photos on a device that you can lose in a public place. Store them at home and somehow secure them.


One response to “golf

  1. I have found head covers, towels, clubs,and gloves on a course, but I am sorry to say, nothing like that! What a great game, golf is!


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