So, the RIAA wants to explain to you why CDs cost what they do.

“Then come marketing and promotion costs — perhaps the most expensive part of the music business today. They include increasingly expensive video clips, public relations, tour support, marketing campaigns, and promotion to get the songs played on the radio. For example, when you hear a song played on the radio — that didn’t just happen!”

Yes, because there is nothing I LOVE more than the same song playing on the radio 20 times a day. So, the RIAA thinks passing along the cost to shove the song down my ears is ok. That’s why CDs are so expensive. Doesn’t make sense to me. Because after I hear the song so many times I don’t want to buy the damn CD.

And most of the bands I like aren’t heavily promoted. That’s where the good music comes from. It’s music that can stand on its own, without the heavy top 40 rotation and constant DJ chatter.

Oh, and heaven forbid DJs are allowed to play what they want. I love listening to music chosen by 40-60 year old white men.

A typical music fan who buys a CD might use that CD at home, take that CD in the car, make a tape of that CD, – or using it as part of a compilation, play that CD with friends and for friends, and keep that CD for many years. That’s probably why most consumers, when asked, describe CDs as a good value.
Make a what? A tape? Are these guy serious? Who makes tapes anymore. I’m taking the CD, ripping it out into 192kpbs ACC files (and i will eventually make a lossless collection when I have the time), putting the CD in storage as backup and putting those files where ever I please. Be it on my iPod. On a mix CD (not tape here McFly) and on MULTIPLE computers.

Get with the times RIAA.

While the RIAA does not collect information on the specific costs that make up the price of a CD

Yes, a great way to run an organization. “Yes, we make those but have NO CLUE what it costs to produce them. So, basically, what we’re charging you is an arbitrarily produced figure pulled directly from our anuses.”


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