batteries and cold do not mix

It was 8˚F this morning. So, what could possibly happen, my battery went dead. It was the original to my 02 Nissan Pathfinder so it was bound to happen. The only thing is it had to happen this morning.

Changing a battery in 8˚ weather sucks. Also, what sucks more is finding out none of the open-ended (or close ended for that matter) wrenches that I have fit the battery cable nuts. So, I had to use some pliers and that took forever.

Plus, the positive battery cable didn’t want to come off the terminal. Had to pry it apart. $74 later, had to get the 800CCA battery according to my dad, and I have a new battery. Freshly installed.


4 responses to “batteries and cold do not mix

  1. That just stinks! Things like that always seem to happen on bad weather days… snow, rain, cold, heat. It’s never 75 degrees and sunny! Glad to hear it is fixed and that you are up and running! Have a better rest of the day!

  2. Ya, it did. The worst part was the cold and installing the damn thing.

    Hope you had fun in Lebanon.

  3. No, the worst part was to have to drive back home from work and then drive back. It’s not a short drive..:)

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Yeah, that stinks too Katie. If it happened to Chris i would tell him to walk to work! lol. It’s only a mile 🙂 No, i would’ve driven home too… good excuse to leave the office!

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