animal abuse


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There has been a lot of animal abuse reports in the Saint Louis area

Recently, there have been two really disgusting reports. One involved a 5 month old boxer who had his ears cut off. The other was mentioned today. Someone had a female dog that just gave birth. The dog and her puppies were left outside. The high temp today was 20ºF. Which means the low was around 5. This dog had dug a hole so her pups could be warm.

Hearing these reports makes me wonder about people. How we can be so cruel. How we are the only animal that is mean just for the sake of being mean. No other animal will just be mean to it’s own species or another without provocation.

No other animal kills, murders. We murder. Other animals kill to protect their territory, their families, their food. We kill because of a look, a glance, a skin color, a gang color, money.

This is my dog Jack, if I haven’t said that before. How could someone hurt an animal like this?

The boxer story
The puppy storys


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