Curse of the deer?

In today’s Saint Louis Post Dispatch Jackie Seal from Saint Louis writes a very interesting letter to the editor.

A little back story for those not from the Saint Louis area. A deer wandered into the partially deconstructed Busch stadium. Instead of trapping the deer, tranquilizing the deer, or in some fashion forcing the deer out of the stadium, the Saint Louis City police shot the deer. A local news station ran a story about the deer, with footage of the animal cowering in a stairwell. They also ran the audio of the gunshot, luckily not showing the deer being shot. They ran this same footage throughout the day, but without the gunshot, I guess realizing it didn’t add anything to the story besides to sensationalize it even more.

So, getting back to the letter to the editor, Seal makes a great comment referencing the curse of the Bambino for the Boston Red Sox. Maybe, just maybe, the Cardinal’s will now have the curse of Bambi? Think about it, the Cubs have the goat curse, maybe we will have the venison curse?

I just think there could, and probably was, a better way to remove this deer from Busch stadium.

And, if we start to stink over the next 90 years, you can think the Saint Louis Police department for the Curse of Bambi.


3 responses to “Curse of the deer?

  1. I thought someone told me the deer was injured already? Although, personally, i don’t think that’s a reason to kill it… this coming from the person that saves spiders by taking them outside. Their fate after that isn’t on my shoulders 😉 Not only that… i thought a police officer couldn’t draw their weapon unless they feel like they are in eminent danger. Why wasn’t animal protection called?

    Poor St. Louis, City police… they’re never going to live this one down. Lets hope we make it to the playoffs either way.

  2. Wow, I had no idea. That’s pretty interesting and I’d agree, there is a better way to remove the deer. But I’m thinking, How in the world does a deer get into downtown St. Louis anyway? Strange city we live in . . .

  3. Jennifer, I think the deer was injured (broken leg or something). I hope there isn’t a curse either.

    Jyoseph, I think the deer came up from the river bottom, maybe the north side of downtown. Either way, it was quite the hike.

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