building design

Think of all the companies/businesses you frequent on a weekly basis. Banks all pretty much look the same. Grocery stores, discount stores. From the street level they all look the same. You see the store and know what it is. Basic, block like red brick construction=most likely a discount store or grocery store.

But, take Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. They have very unique buildings (especially the old designs with Pizza Huts protruding roof thing and the adobe look of Taco Bell) that stand out. You don’t have to see their names on the building to know what is inside. Tacos or pizza.

They have branded their building. Dairy Queen use to do this to, but they have gone more in line with other fast food places.

Should all businesses try this? And, when another business takes over a Taco Bell or Pizza Hut, it just looks odd. To see a scuba gear or payday loan place in a Taco Bell, it just doesn’t sit right.

What other buildings fit their businesses?


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