It snowed a little bit today. First snow of the season? I don’t think so.

I heard a legend (wives’ tale, theory, Indian legend) that if you take the date of the first measurable snow of the season, that is the number of days with snow we’ll have in the winter season. I.e. if it snows on the 12, we’ll have 12 days of measurable snow.

but, I guess today doesn’t really count since you couldn’t measure it. Besides, it’s only December 1, and the kid in me doesn’t want just one day of snow.

It sucks have a kid live inside you. Always make a racket (tennis).


2 responses to “snow

  1. I agree that we shouldn’t count this snow. I want more than 1 day of measurable snow too! I’ve had the 4×4 for a year and a half and there wasn’t any snow worth turning it on for last year! I was so bummed! Plus, there are predictions for big snow this winter… not that the weatherpeople are ever right.

  2. Weatherpeople are just people…
    people with feelings.

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