Fredbird’s garage sale

Went to America’s Center today to goto Fredbird’s Garage sale. The Cardinal’s organization was selling a load of stuff from Busch stadium. Restroom signs, section signs, seat-backs, game used balls and bases, team flags and various other memorabilia and nonmemorabilia. They were even selling game used hats and jerseys. I wanted a jersey but they were a little too much. They were $300, which is only about 60 more than a authentic jersey from the store, but that’s still too much for me. Plus, if I would have bought that, then Katie would have been able to adopt a dog later in the day. (Side note, I wanted the dog as well, it’s just not the right time to take on another dog).

But, we did come away with some cool things. We bought two seat backs, both number 6 for Stan the Man, and two coins of infield dirt. One seat back is for Katie’s dad and one infield dirt coin is from my dad. I was surprised to find the seat backs were only $50. I wanted a game used ball but they were $75, a little steep for me.

KSDK channel 5 was doing some live shots from the garage sell Saturday on their newscast, and they interviewed a man who bought two signs. One sign was a restroom sign and the other was a nosmoking sign. He paid $100 each for the signs. I was astonished that he spent $200 on those two signs. I could have found numerous things to spend $200 on besides those two signs.

The most expensive item was the 2004 NLCS Banner. That was going for $5,000. A bit much.

Stan the man was doing autographs today too. It would have been fitting to get the two seat backs signed by him. But, that was $185 a piece. Also, a bit steep.


2 responses to “Fredbird’s garage sale

  1. It would have been so nice to have Sugarplum. For those that don’t know, that was the dog we saw at Petsmart this weekend. She was so adorable. If it wasn’t almost winter I would have been able to bring her home.


  2. Yes, it would have been cool to have Sugarplum.

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