are you a traveln’ man?

Tomorrow Katie and I leave for Coffeyville, Kansas.
That’s my hometown. It’s a decent place to live. A decent place to grow up. I wouldn’t want to live there now, just like the extra options a big (well, big as Saint Louis is) city gives.

Growing up in a small town gave me a different childhood than Katie had in Saint Louis. Instead of going to Cardinal games when I was little, I went to my little league games, or the extra-special trip to see the Royals and my favorite player George Brett. I used to chew Big League Chew so I could be like George. Of course, the bubble gum didn’t have the same life altering effects the tobacco did.

I think, being a kid in a small town, gives you a little more freedom. Freedom in where you can ride your bike. I could go downtown, around my school, all over the place. I’m sure Katie couldn’t (or wouldn’t) ride her bike downtown.

I also had this great creek to play in behind my grandparents’ house. This vein of adventure and wonder was the main feature in my childhood. I spent a majority of my summer days wading through her water. Catching crawdads with my hands. Walking from bridge to bridge, avoiding the poison ivy and rose bushes.

A small town childhood is a great way to grow up. Perhaps we’ll retire to a small town.

Either way, I’m sure I’ll love taking my son to Busch instead of the little ballpark on Exner.


4 responses to “are you a traveln’ man?

  1. Pretty convinced you are going to have a son there, eh? What if you have a daughter? Does she get to go to the Cards games? As a girl growing up on Cadinals baseball i can tell you that girls enjoy baseball as much as boys albeit we may be more interested in how the 1st basemans butt looks in his pants. In Pujols’ case, quite nicely! See, 25 years old and still interested in how the 1st basemans butt looks in his pants 😉 We have many a summer to take our kids to the ballpark… GO CARDS!
    PS. Can’t wait for the 2006 season! Season tickets rock!

  2. PSS. Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The drive was fine. After we got out of Saint Louis that is.

    And yes, if I have a daughter she will love the games as well. Unless she doesn’t and that will be fine too. Of course, I’ll have to force her to go.

  4. “Of course, I’ll have to force her to go.”

    Oh of course… that goes without saying!

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