sometimes the internets teach us things

Like, that I have a mass murderer with my family name.

“The lean and quiet man was about to make history. He would become America’s first single-episode mass murderer.”

Just found this out tonight. Doing a little bored internet surfing. You know, it’s about 10:50 p.m. and you have nothing to do. (Side note, why on IMF during their World’s Best Videos show are about 80% of the videos from the US? It’s still a decent video channel though. Mostly videos and no VJs. Channel 157 on Dish Network.)

Ok, so, anyway, apparently Howard Unruh had some problems.

“When I came home last night and found my gate had been taken,” Unruh said, “I decided to shoot all of them so I would get the right one.”


But, then again not really.

“The more random the killings,” says sociologist Jack Levin, “and the more it occurs in public places among absolute strangers, the more likely it is that the killer is psychotic, or insane.”

That was not the case with Howard Unruh. He knew most of the people he had killed, he’d placed them on a list, it was his neighborhood, and the spate of killings was the result of what he called a preconceived plan.”

Of course, that just makes it all the worse to know Howard.

He was charged with: “13 willful and malicious slayings with malice aforethought” and three counts of “atrocious assault and battery.”

It’s amazing what you discover when you just google your last name. Of course, I’m not sure how I’m related to Howard. It is probably so far down the line that it doesn’t matter, but it is still interesting considering the name is rare.


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