losing touch

Every time something ends, we all act like it will never change. That this end is just the start of something new. Knowing that how it was, it can never be again, we still try to hang on.

We’ll still be the same, have the same things to talk about. Always write. Every letter.

I’m losing touch with college friends. I can feel it when I write emails. When I make phone calls. As the months go on, the emails get shorter, more repetative.

I really don’t want it to be this way. I try my hardest, but I guess we all move on. I’m not trying to sound sappy here, but college was a good time for me.

College gave me a chance to start over. I went to a college that no one else from my high school went to. I think that the four years I was at Benedictine no one from my high school enrolled.

And for me this was what I needed. I needed a clean slate. High school sucked so bad for me. I had, maybe, two friends. I didn’t do shit after school. I hung out by myself on the weekends. I never went to any parties, because hell, I didn’t know where they were. It looked like I had a lot of friends during school. I was pretty much the same way I am now. Haven’t changed too much (gained some weight), but I guess a change of people is what I needed. And it’s not like I was a hermit during high school. I was the editor of the paper, I was in NHS, I did CYO and a few plays.

But, that’s why I want to hang on to people from college. Because those four years were the greatest. Give me 1/10 of a second and I’ll reenroll if given the chance. To relive those four years over, and even if it was moment by moment the same, I’d still do it. I’m just glad I was able to take someone away from college to be with forever.

So, I digress. I’m still friends with most people I hung around with in college. I wish the ones I didn’t talk to enough could see this post. I’ve tried emailing them, but they may be like me, not much to say.

Marcelo: Where the hell did you disappear to?
Gallagher: Are you still in New York state?
Keith: Last I heard you were in Dallas? Is that right?

I know there is more. And some I do still email. But, as we each get our own lives going, we keep moving.

At least I still have homecoming/alumni weekend. But, it might be too soon to goto an alumni weekend.


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