frame me up scotty

I finally found a frame for our Cardinals’ tickets. Since this was the last season at Busch Stadium, Katie and I kept all our ticket stubs so we could frame them at the end of the year. It really turned out great, and I must say the photo in the middle is the perfect touch. This frame was kind of damaged, but I fixed that with a Sharpie.

As you can see, Jack got in on the photo.


4 responses to “frame me up scotty

  1. That rocks! Making ours is on my to-do list for this weekend. We have no plans. Along with 100 other things! We’ll see if i get to it. I want to see all the tickets chris has. He said he set them aside… god only knows what condition they are in!

  2. Hopefully they’re in good condition. Getting started on the basement I guess?

  3. We are starting the basement construction on Sunday. Saturday we have to get everything moved out of the way and cleaned up and pick up the rest of the construction materials. It’ll be a busy weekend!

  4. Cool. Cool. Have fun with that.

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