I find this very interesting.

I love decorating with books. I think you can almost just buy them for their color and shape to add to a room. The books I have out and around the house are ones I’ve read or are getting aroung to reading. But, after we bought our house and we started decorating more, I realized that I had a load of antique books at my home in Kansas.

Maybe I can convince the wife to let me haul them back.


2 responses to “books

  1. I love books…old ones especially. My dream would be to open a used bookstore.

  2. Hey! My book shelf looks like that even if it is a teeny tiny bookshelf. Good to know i am “trendy”. Not that it was ever in question 😉 Can’t wait to finish the “den” with bookshelves and a new desk! Something tells me that isn’t going to happen right away.

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