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and while I’m in a ranting mood

Be sure to check this out if you want a digital television, or if you use digital content. Most Americans are ignorant of this, and that’s why most legislation gets passed. Ignorance.

The broadcast flag This is a PDF.

idiot senators

If this law would pass, it would mean that you may own the digital device (TIVO, DVD burner, DVR, what have you) but the recording industry would tell you how to use it and force you into their DRM.


the wheels are coming loose

An interesting opinion piece by Peggy Noonan for The Wall Street Journal.

Wanting to know if the wheels on America are falling off? Are they? I think so. We have a government we can’t trust. A President who’s a baffoon. An idiot. I gun-totting Texas lawman who instead of discussing and debating, draws his sidearm and yells “bring’em on.” Well, we can see where that is getting us in the Middle East.

He’s nominating people to the supreme court that are his friends. The religious groups have him in their collective pocket. And these are the same people who ridiculed Clinton for getting some head.

“9-11 was about Iraq and Saddam was behind some of it,” he says. Yes, well, most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, but ok, we’ll invade Iraq. Not to make it the 51st state, just to liberate it right? Oh, yes, they’ll love us for that.

Oh, and about their constitution. The US government and others wanted the Iraqies to come up with a constitution in a matter of months. MONTHS! We declared our indepedent in 1776, but our constitution wasn’t officially signed until: 17 September 1787 and was effective 4 March 1789. More then 10 years later! Come on, give them a little more time. I know this is old, seeing how they’ve all ready voted on it, but give them some more time if there are things they don’t like. Hell, just give them ours. We’re not using it.

Getting back to the article.

“Citizens know. If we had a major terrorist event tomorrow half the country–more than half–would not trust the federal government to do what it has to do, would not trust it to tell the truth, would not trust it, period.”

I agree with her. I wouldn’t trust my government to help me. And I’m white. It took them three days to get into New Orleans. THREE FUCKING DAYS! How am I supposed to trust the government after that disaster. Oh, and when the next hurricane hit, Texas, they were ready. Oh, they were ready.

And isn’t it funny that when Katrina hit New Orleans, you have some right-wing nutzos saying it was God’s way to punishing all the sin and leudness going on in New Orleans? Well, what about Rita hitting Texas, the very home state to their choosen savior and supreme bullshiter? That didn’t seem to flow in line with the religious model now did it? How do they explain that?

Trust the government. Respect authority. They don’t respect us. Give respect to get respect.

I have an headache, so I’ll be stopping now.

so, i’m not the only one

I don’t carry something like this, but I do carry a messenger bag which a lot of people, some I even call my friends, call a man purse. Even though it isn’t and they are just secretly jealous and I believe just a little homo.

check this


If you have an iPod you need this

It’s called iFill and it fills the free space on your iPod with streaming audio from Internets radio streams.

Genius. Pure genius. I downloaded it last night, let it run for about an hour and this morning I had comedy downloads, alternative rock music and ambient blips and beeps. New music for nothing.

You could keep the MP3 files that it creates, but since it’s streaming audio it isn’t the best.

All I have to say, that just for the comedy stream it’s worth it. It’s also a great way to find new music.

You get a one-week free trial, and after that it’s only 19.99 for a copy.


i hate them and i know have one.


I find this very interesting.

I love decorating with books. I think you can almost just buy them for their color and shape to add to a room. The books I have out and around the house are ones I’ve read or are getting aroung to reading. But, after we bought our house and we started decorating more, I realized that I had a load of antique books at my home in Kansas.

Maybe I can convince the wife to let me haul them back.