Do you ever get so caught up in something you lose track of the day?

Do you ever start on one project, have the full intention of finishing it, but somehow something else sidetracks you away from that first project? This sidetrack can either totally null and void the first project or just take you away from it for a little bit.

I have the latter problem. I always start a project or errand or idea or something and find myself getting sidetracked (maybe not for hours, sometimes just minutes) but it always slows me down on what I’m doing. I always see something that I’ve wanted to do, end up dropping what I’m currently doing, or pick up this new thing and just add it to what I was doing.

Like, I’ll be walking through the kitchen, with the intent of starting to clean. I begin to clean and notice the coupon holder. Hmm, I think, I need to go through those and throw away the old ones (side note, getting something on sale and having the coupon for it is a shopping orgasm) See, I just did it right there. I fucking sidetracked.

So, away, getting back to what I said, I will stop cleaning and start going through the coupons. This won’t take long, but the urge to do something else while I’m all ready doing something is strong. I can’t fucking shake it. It’s like some sort of reverse, indirect, unproportional ADD. I can still focus on the primary task, but all these other minor tasks seem to work there way into what I’m currently focused on.


Maybe I’m just overreacting, but I’d just like to do something and get it done before I start something else.

Now, where’s my coupon book.


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