cracker my barrel

So, what is going on at the Cracker Barrel? Do they have a clone farm for the waitresses there? They all seem like they should be from a farm, or at the very least a small town.

I also found out what the stars on the aprons mean. It means they’ve passed some quality assurance test or something. So, you can judge a waitress without even talking to her. Meaning, I don’t want a one-star waitress pouring my coffee, gimme that four star over there carrying 8 trays in one hand and pouring decaf with the other.

2 responses to “cracker my barrel

  1. Poor Judy. She can’t help it she is a hick!

  2. Just had to report that Carolyn #550 is an outstanding waitress. Sure would be great to have dozens more like her. We always enjoy Cracker Barrel food. Thanks! Doris Koenig

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