new target

New target in Saint Louis

We went to this new Target today. I must say it’s quite a nice place. They have an excellent underground parking garage with escalators up to the shopping area (with cool shopping cart-only escalator on the way down). I think the prices seemed a little higher than the one we normally shop at (located in Bridgeton, though I found it to be lower than the one in Brentwood). For example, I bought a 128mb Sony thumb drive on clearance at the Target in Bridgeton for $14.97 and the same one, not on clearance at the Chippewa, for $29.99. I thought maybe since the store was new that this was the reason for the price difference. But, I think this is an outdated Sony model so it probably shouldn’t even be on the store shelves.

Nice store though. Right down the road from my friends house in Affton.

Full of yuppies though. I guess that is every Target.

The pumpkin patch in Chesterfield Valley was freezing today. Lots o’frost on my pumpkin.


2 responses to “new target

  1. HA! Frost on your pumpkin. clever.

  2. my pumpkin was quite frosty.

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