busch stadium

Busch stadium, the Cardinals’ ballpark in my hometown, will be torn down in early November. They failed to make the world series and this means the end comes sooner than expected.

I’ve only live in St. Louis (from now forth STL) since June of 2001. But, in the times I’ve been to Busch it’s always felt right. I spent 10 nights/days there this season and I had more fun at those games than anything else I did this summer.

Others have had 40 years with her, and I’ve only had 4. Yet, I still feel a connection to this concrete mecca. It’s something that’s unexplainable to someone who doesn’t like baseball. They’ll never understand the connections and memories made with people in this neo-roman colosseum.

I’ll miss Busch and the TWO grand slams and numerous double plays I’ve seen there. But, time moves and so do they. Next door. I’ll be there for at least 20 games.


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